Most People Don’t Like Lawyers... Until They Need One

It’s true that many lawyers receive a bad rap, and personal injury lawyers seem to take the brunt of the negative opinion about attorneys. In every city, you see billboards and television commercials of personal injury lawyers seeking to represent you. Most people are simply annoyed by this until the time comes that they need an attorney because they are injured, the bills are stacking up, they don’t know the extent of their injuries, and they realize the insurance company is trying to pay them as little as possible as quickly as possible.

The question is… do you really need an attorney or can you handle your case yourself? The short answer is that if you are injured, you likely need an attorney. It can be overwhelming to try and manage your medical treatment, medical liens, unpaid bills, collecting records, dealing with an insurance company who wants to lowball you an offer, all while trying not to mess up your own case. This is especially true if you don’t know the extent of your injuries, have medical treatment that will take some time to complete or you have a pre-existing medical condition.

At Budge Law Firm your case will be handled directly by an attorney who will answer your questions and consultations are always free.

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