Paying For Medical Bills After An Accident

What are my options to get my medical bills paid after a car crash?

  • Use your own health insurance. If you have health insurance coverage then this is your best option and you should definitely use it for several reasons, including: 1) your bills will get paid right away, 2) you will ultimately pay less because your health insurance company has a contract rate for medical services which are less than the total charges a medical provider would otherwise charge, 3) you will not be at risk of having to pay the full amount of the medical bills in the event there is no recovery on your personal injury claim.
  • Receive medical treatment on a lien. Another option includes receiving treatment on a lien in the event you do not have health insurance. We can help you find doctors who will agree to wait for payment until your case is settled.
  • Use your own car insurance Med Pay coverage. This option comes with a word of caution: your medical providers do not need to know that you have Med Pay coverage. Sometimes medical providers will decide not to bill your health insurance if they learn there is Med Pay coverage available. The reason for this is because if they bill health insurance then they are bound to a lower contract rate for services based on their agreement with your health insurance company, but if they bill Med Pay directly then they can bill the full amount of their bill, which directly affects the compensation you ultimately receive.  Med Pay coverage should be paid directly to you rather than a medical provider.
  • Use the opposing party’s liability insurance. The other driver’s liability insurance is also available to pay your medical bills but it can take time to settle your claim. You should also negotiate your own medical bills rather than have the opposing party’s insurance pay the bills directly because they will likely seek to reduce the bills and then simply keep the savings rather than pay it to you.
  • Use your own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. In the event the other driver does not have enough insurance available, you can use your own UM/UIM coverage to pay your bills, although like liability insurance, this can take some time before you settle your claim.
  • Personal injury loans. Personal injury loans are another option, but should be avoided if at all possible.
  • Additional options exist. For additional options or information on pursuing a personal injury insurance claim, discovering all available insurance policies, getting medical bills paid, reducing medical bills or liens, and maximizing your recovery, call our office for a free (no obligation) consultation. We can help you safeguard your finances and your future.
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